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Wickedness & Witchcraft Tour

Join us on a bewitching tour of  spells, sorcery and superstition in Cambridge, a home of English Witchcraft. Led by a Modern day Witch or a guide who practises Magic and Ritual, we will take you on a tour of both colleges and countryside to discover the mystical side of Cambridge - and to dispel the myth that Witches are Wicked!


Discover how the centre of Scientific research - Cambridge University -  was once the place to practice magic, alchemy and Occultism. Re-think what you know about the world's most famous scientists, find out what Isaac Newton and others really studied within the ancient college walls - and how it all became the origins of Harry Potter.


See where the alleged 'Wickedest Man in the World' - the infamous Aleister Crowley - first picked up a book on 'Black Magic' and conducted his first 'magikal' ceremonies, leading him onto the path of the Occult and an extreme libertine lifestyle that inspired our top Rock musicians. Influential Visionary or Dangerous Eccentric - you decide!


Cross into the ancient water logged Fenland to discover what happened to the native witches of Cambridgeshire, their spells, traditions, local superstitions and stories. See where those poor folk who were accused on notorious witch trials of the past were tortured and 'ducked' in the City.


Finally - discover the enchanting modern side of Witchcraft, learn what today's Witches believe and practice in one of the fastest growing religions in the world. You can even try some real magic for yourself at the end of the tour...



This Tour is UNIQUE in the UK. We are the only UK tour dedicated to Magic and Witchcraft! If you ask which is our best tour - we say this one!








Are Witches real?


Times & Dates

Wickedness & Witchcraft Tour

'Wickedness & Witchcraft' Tour is available as a private tour all year round, 7 days a week, subject to availability.

Tours begin at at time to suit you from 4pm onward, we recommend a start time of around 7 to 7.30pm.


Tours last 1 hour 45 minutes.


We recommend this tour for;

Academic Groups

Further Education Student Groups

People with a connection to Paganism, Magic or Witchcraft

People interested in alternative culture and history

Groups who want a historical tour of Cambridge - with a difference!

Early Modern History groups

Harry Potter fans!

Hen dos

Rock and Pop Music fans

Older teenagers

The curious...



We don't recommend this tour for;

English as foreign language groups

People who still fear a mention of 'the occult!'

Very closed minded people regarding alternative spirituality

People who might shudder over a mention of sex, drugs and rock and roll!

Young children








Tour Cost



The Wickedness & Witchcraft Tour is NOT suitable for Wheelchair or mobility scooter users due to the terrain. Our Colleges & Corpses Tour is suitable for Wheelchair/Scooter users)


Tours go ahead rain or shine - so come prepared for the weather!


Tours are outside, and you will need to walk and stand for the length of the tour, including on grass. Good footwear is advised.


Dogs are very welcome on our tours.


The Wickedness & Witchcraft Tour is open to all ages, however we recommend your discretion due to the content of the tour. There is a magical technique practised at the end of the tour you are welcome to partake in, or simply watch. There is discussion of Cambridge characters with a notorious history (the 'Wickedness' part!), but for under 18s on the tour we keep it light!


Finally, no demons jump out at you on this tour. You'll find out that a 'Witch' did apparently let loose demons in Cambridge, but those were invisible, not rubber-masked ones. If you want 'jump-out' scares, seek a Horror Maze or Scare-House attraction.



Do you believe in Magick?



Tour Meeting Point

1 to 5 people - £75

6 to 20 people - £110

21 to 40 people - £160


Tour costs are per tour, not per person.

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Discover the witch hunts of Cambridgeshire...

Follow in the footsteps of Crowley...


Unlock the magickal secrets of Cambridge...