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Private Tours...


For special events, birthdays, hen nights or whatever ghoulish goings-on you are planning, we can provide a private tour and experience to suit. Below is a list of our popular Private Tours you can book. We run private tours for groups of 1 or 2 people up to a maximum of 40. Our tours are bespoke to you, so if you have any spooky requests - please ask...


Available to book -


Haunted Cambridge Tour

(Our tour of the Haunted spots of Cambridge with real Ghost-hunting. Private tours can include trying ghost-hunting techniques, or even a ghost-hunt in a particular place of your choice!)


Colleges & Corpses Tour

(Our DEATH tour! The most theatrical tour led by a Victorian murderess - perfect for a 'fun' tour or for school age groups)


Wickedness & Witchcraft Tour

(Our Witchcraft tour with the occult history of Cambridge. Your group can try magic for themselves at the end!)


'Til Death Do Us Part Tour *NEW*

(Looking for a special event to do for a Hen weekend or with a large group? Perfect for day or night, discover Cambridge's hidden emporium of delights, local love spells, what happened to nagging wives, crimes of passion and grisly love tales. Take a stop at the most haunted pub in Cambridge where your guide will give you Tarot readings and you can enjoy a different kind of spirit.

 Your tour continues to the river, where you have 30 minutes to act detective over some of the most gory history and murders that happened in Cambridge. Prizes are given for detective work in the second most haunted pub in Cambridge, where you finish!)


Ghost Hunt & Punt

(45 minute Ghost Hunt & Tour in Cambridge's most Haunted Streets with an opportunity to try out Ghost hunting techniques and equipment.

45 minutes Ghost Punt - After your Ghost Hunt, it's time to relax on a chauffeured guided boat trip along the river - but don't get too comfortable as you'll discover the River Cam is full of strange mysteries, legends and of course - ghosts! Drift past the College backs and finally find out what lurks beneath the River...)


Tarot Card Readings

(We are able to add Tarot card readings and fortune telling to your private tour experience. This takes place at the end of your tour)










* The Ghost Tours Team provide bespoke Tours for your event & group *




How to Book a Private Tour



If you are interested in booking a private tour - please e-mail us at  or call 07432 566 023


We will then send you a full detailed list of everything we can provide as well as prices and availability. We are able to accomodate most requests to make your tour unique - just ask! Private Tours are available all year round, weekends, weekdays, day and evening.











* The Ghost Tours Team provide bespoke Tours for your event & group *

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