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Haunted Cambridge Tour

Whatever your current belief in the supernatural - we invite you to join us on a terrifying tour of Cambridge's most haunted streets and buildings. The Haunted Cambridge Tour takes you to the actual spots of Ghostly presences and paranormal activities that have been reported over the centuries... and over recent months!


 We will entertain you with the tales of spirits and ghouls from both University and Town and show you the unseen side of this ancient City. Dive down lamplit backstreets on your quest for the truth behind the spooky stories and challenge your own beliefs in the paranormal.


You will take in Cambridge's most famous buildings and colleges - and learn their supernatural secrets, but also lesser known  places where the ghosts of both students, scholars and more local legends are said to lurk.


Finally, each tour concludes with an actual Ghost Hunt on Cambridge's Most Haunted spot - see real Ghost Hunting equipment and techniques in action with our experienced paranormal team, try your hand at ghost photography and perhaps experience something yourself...


Many people have left reports of supernatural contact and happenings on our tour - so come prepared!


This is a 'NO GIMMICKS' tour about REAL ghosts and the paranormal. If you want a theatrical tour with costumes and tricks - try our 'Colleges & Corpses' tour. No one 'jumps out' on any of our tours.







Do you believe in Ghosts?


Times & Dates

Haunted Cambridge Tour



The tour lasts approx 1 hour and 45 minutes. All tours start at 7.30pm and finish approx 9.15pm.





January 2017 - Private Tours only

February 2017 - Private Tours only

March 2017 - Private Tours only

April 2017 - Sat 15th, Fri 21st, Sat 29th

May 2017 - Fri 5th, Sat 13th, Fri 19th, Sat 20th

June 2017 - Fri 2nd, Sat 10th, NO TOUR ON Fri 16th, Sat 17th, Fri 30th

July 2017 - Fri 7th, Sat 8th, Sat 15th, Fri 21st, Sat 29th

August 2017 - Fri 4th, Sat 12th, Fri 18th, Sat 19th

September 2017 - Fri 1st, (no tours 8th - 30th)

October 2017 - Fri 6th, Sat 14th, Fri 20th, Sat 21st

(Halloween events 27th, 28th & 31st - see Halloween page)

November 2017 - Fri 3rd, Sat 11th, Fri 17th, Sat 18th

December 2017 - Fri 1st, Sat 2nd, Fri 15th, Sat 16th

(Private tours only 17th - 31st December)




Tour Cost



The Haunted Cambridge Tour is not suitable for Wheelchair or mobility scooter users who cannot transfer. There is one barrier at our final stop which can only be passed by those out of chairs or scooters, or those who can transfer.  Please ask for further information.


Tours go ahead rain or shine - so come prepared for the weather, and perhaps a sudden drop in temperature!


You are very welcome to bring Dogs on the tour (they are sensitive to ghosts!)


Tours are outside, and you will need to walk and stand for the length of the tour.


The Haunted Cambridge Tour is suitable for all ages, however due to the 'real' Ghost content of the tour and Ghost Hunting techniques shown during the tour, your discretion is advised.


We do not dress up in top hats and cloaks on this tour (we are dark enough anyway). The Haunted Cambridge Tour is about visiting the sites and buildings of REAL hauntings, with a taste of actual Ghost Hunting - we simply look like Ghost Hunters! We dress for story-telling and theatrics on our Colleges & Corpses tour.


Please note on this Tour there is no-one jumping out at you with a rubber mask and fake chainsaw. If you want that experience -  you must seek a Horror Maze or Scare House. We have worked in these sort of attractions as Scare Actors and our tour is a very different experience. We are happy to recommend some cracking Scare Attractions however!

Spirits don't exist - do they...?


Tour Meeting Point


Discover where Dr Henry still stalks...

Adults - £10

Under 16s - £5

Concessions (OAPS & Full Time Students) - £5

Tickets pre-purchased online are discounted by £1

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Stand where exorcisms have taken place...



Visit the most haunted spot in Cambridge...