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Ghost Experiences & Photos

On the hunt for paranormal evidence...


* Fact or Fakery? Our Favourite Ghost Photos *



A visitor to Little St Mary's Lane/Peterhouse College has sent us their findings on a possible Black Shuck sighting. This group reported sightings of 'orbs' which can been seen in the photos by the gate to Peterhouse College. This was accompanied by 'growls' heard by the group - and in typical fashion for this spot - camera batteries suddenly draining.

Black Shuck Sightings?


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Spirit Photo with

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

One of the spots we travel to on our Haunted Cambridge Tour is a prime point for spirit and paranomal photography. We encourage you to take photos on the spot and see what comes out! Although, be warned - this is a place where camera and torch batteries are known to be suddenly drained...

We have collated a number of ghost photos and we want more! If you have discovered something paranormal in your photography - we would love to see it! Please e-mail your photos to [email protected] and we'll put them on this page.


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A member of our team's first steps into the paranormal first started with picking up the book 'Photographs of the Unknown' as a child in the 1980s. Alongside UFOs, Voodoo and the Loch Ness Monster were photos of ghosts, mediums and poltergeist investigations - and the obsession over these photos never left her! Below we have collated our team's favourite ghost photos - many from East Anglia! Fact or Fakery - you decide!



The White Lady of Worstead Church, Norfolk

Possibly the most famous Ghost Photograph ever taken.


Taken in 1936 by Captain Hubert Provand, who as he was setting up for a photo of the staircase of the Norfolk country house for Country Life Magazine, was called by his assistant to take the photo 'now'! The Assistant had seen the spirit descending the staircase, and the result was this world famous shot.


The Ghost is said to be Lady Dorothy Walpole, sister of  18th century Prime Minister Sir Robert Walpole. She died of small-pox in the house aged 40 and had been seen as a ghost over many years there.


There is a theory that so many 'Grey Ladies' and 'Brown Ladies' exist as the colours of Ghostly clothing fade over time. The once rich shades of expensive gowns now appear grey and brown.



In 1975 Diane Berthelot and her family on holiday in Norfolk took shelter from the hot summer in Worstead Church. Diane had been feeling unwell, and her husband snapped her resting on a pew. It was not until the photo was developed that they saw the image of the old fashioned lady behind, wearing a bonnet and swathed in white light.


Taking the photo to the Vicar, he explained the White Lady was a local legend, often spotted and she was a caring and healing soul. Diane commented how she had felt immediately better after her experience...


The local pub is also called the White Lady.


The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall, Norfolk



1959 Back Seat Ghost



The Ghost of Jim Morrison?


In 1959 Mrs Mabel Chinnery snapped her husband at the wheel of their car. After developing the photo she was shocked to see a figure in the back seat, a figure she recognised as her mother - and whose grave they had just been to visit.




In 1997, Rock writer Brett Meisner had his photo taken next to The Doors frontman Jim Morrison's grave in

Pere Lachaise cemetery Paris.


5 years after the photo was taken, Brett re-looked at his photo to discover a figure in the doorway - with a pose familiar to any Doors fan. Is this the ghost of Jim Morrison?


Morrison had an interest in the Occult - to find out more about some of his magical influences, take our Wickedness & Witchcraft Tour.