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What happens on a Black Shuck Cambridge Ghost Tour?

You will be taken by a guide (a ghost-hunter, a Witch/magician or a Victorian Costumed Character depending on your choice of tour) to the sites of famous hauntings, gory legends or magical connections. They will tell you the stories of the ghosts or creepy tales from the fens and colleges. The tours finish with ghost-hunting, a magical technique or a theatrical surprise depending on the tour.


Do people 'jump out' in rubber masks and fake chainsaws?

NO - that's a haunted house or scare maze attraction, which we have worked in and even created at Madame Tussauds.  A Ghost Tour with a focus on REAL ghosts is something quite different. Our most theatrical tour is the  Colleges & Corpses Tour, which has a more subtle theatrical feel. We don't feel the need to 'jump out' for a boo scare as we think REAL ghosts are scary enough.


Are your tours scary?

Depends on your scare threshold! Confirmed cynics are likely to simply find it all entertaining, but believers in the supernatural have reported very different things! We like to think they are 'creepy', and the truth of ghosts, ghouls and grave-robbers is scary enough...


Are they suitable for children?

Our tours are 'all ages' and we cater to that. Our Haunted Cambridge Tour & Wickedness & Witchcraft Tour contain ghost-hunting and a small magical technique which you might feel unsuitable for your children due to your own beliefs or feelings, please simply use your discretion. The Witchcraft Tour does have a mention of illegal drugs and hints of debauched behaviour. Our Colleges & Corpses Tour is very suitable for families. Modern day children tend to be the biggest cynics of all, so we do try to convince them there may be 'something else out there!' (depending on how scared they are!) We have had children of all ages on our tours who have loved them.


Can I bring Dogs on the tour?

You are welcome to bring any animals you like! We LOVE them!


Are the tours wheel-chair accessible?

Due to the terrain of Cambridge - at the moment only our Colleges & Corpses Tour is fully accessible to wheel-chairs and mobility scooters. Please contact us with any concerns.


Do your tours go inside the Colleges?

No - many visitors forget the colleges of Cambridge University are working buildings, not tourist attractions. Also, in the evening, the buildings are closed to the public. We can't get you into the haunted bedrooms of students! If you wish to visit the colleges during the day (they cost money to visit) with a tour guide, do let us know as we can recommend some great (none-ghostly!) Tours to join. We do take in the colleges by evening, which are a beautiful sight. Our tours are outside.


Are your Tours run by students?

No, at the moment - we are a team of professional actors and theatre directors with 'much more than just a passing interest' in Ghosts, Tarot, Witchcraft and gory history. We have University Alumni on the team and a historian. All guides are local to Cambridge and the county. We would welcome students on the team - but they need to be witches, Tarot readers and Ghost Hunters above all!


When do you operate?

We are open for Private Tour bookings, all year round, 7 days a week from 4pm to 10pm.


Do you operate in the Winter?

Yes, we are always prepared to go out into the dark and cold - but are you?


How much advance notice do you need for a booking?

As much as possible! We book up quickly, especially around Halloween and weekends through the year. However, we can sometimes squeeze you in quickly for a Haunted Cambridge Tour or Wickedness & Witchcraft Tour, so give us a call.


Where do the tours end?

Tours end maximum of 5/10 minutes walk away from the start of the tour at Great St Mary's Church. your guide will always give you any directions.


Can I get a refund if it rains?

Our policy is to run the tour whatever the weather. However - if you turn up on the night to meet the guide and it is raining heavily, our policy is always to offer you the following options;

1. To take the tour as we will still go out for those prepared for bad weather.

2. To potentially re-schedule.


Do you do Public Tours we can just turn up to?

We are a private tour only business, which means your whole tour is bespoke to you, but must be booked in advance. We feel this gives the very best experience.


Can I book a tour from the Tourist Info Centre or anywhere else in Cambridge?

No, we are fiercely independent from any 'controlling' body and believe that real witches, professional actors and actual ghost hunters make the best guides on our unique tours, so you won't find 'badge' guides doing our tours. And that's the way we like it. We don't run general tours of the colleges or town either. Our tours are more than the history of the buildings...


Can I get a Punt trip/Goody bag/Tarot reading/magical charm & spell/whatever you can think of attached to my tour?

Absolutely, just e-mail us with your desire and we'll hook you up where we can.


You don't actually believe this stuff do you?

Yes, yes we do. And that's why you want to do a tour with us!







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