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Colleges & Corpses Tour








Cambridge, home to Body-snatchers, burials, burnings &... England's first Vampire?


Times & Dates

Colleges & Corpses Tour



The tour lasts approx 1 hour and 45 minutes. All Tours start at 7.30pm and end approx 9.15pm.


Colleges & Corpses Tour Dates - This tour takes place on the second Friday of the month and The fourth Saturday of the month.


January 2017 - Private Tours Only

February 2017  - Private Tours Only

March 2017 - Private Tours Only

April 2017- Fri 14th, Sat 22nd

May 2017 - Fri 12th - NO TOUR,  Sat 27th

June 2017 -  Fri 9th - NO TOUR, Sat 24th

July 2017 - Fri 14th, Sat 22nd - NO TOUR

August 2017 - Fri 11th, Sat 26th

September 2017- NO TOURS

October 2017 - Fri 13th!

(Halloween events - 27th, 28th, 31st. See Halloween Page)

November 2017 - Fri 10th, Sat 25th

December 2017 - Fri 8th (Private Tours only 16th - 31st)


Tour Cost



The Colleges & Corpses Tour is suitable for Wheelchair or mobility scooter users.


Tours go ahead rain or shine - so come prepared for the weather, and perhaps a sudden drop in temperature!


You are very welcome to bring Dogs on the tour - Miss Mary Reeder loves them!


Tours are outside, and you will need to walk and stand for the length of the tour.


The Colleges & Corpses tour is led by a Costumed Actor in Character and is suitable for all ages, as long as they don't mind some creepy stories...


Although this our theatrical tour - Please note on this Tour there is no-one jumping out at you with a rubber mask and fake chainsaw. If you want that experience -  you must seek a Horror Maze or Scare House. We have worked in these sort of attractions as Scare Actors and our tour is a very different experience. We are happy to recommend some cracking Scare Attractions however!

Mysteries, Murder, Colleges & Corpses - the terrible tales of Cambridge!


Tour Meeting Point



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Do you want to discover the darkest, most twisted tales of Cambridge? All the stories of the Dead and Undead of the City? Who better to spin those yarns then our very own Cambridge Victorian murderess - Miss Mary Reader. She will take you on a tour, dressed in her Victorian finery, of Cambridge's creepiest Colleges and eeriest alleyways to tell you the stories of Body-snatchers, Burnings & Burials. You'll see the Hangman's house, discover Cambridge's answer to Jack the Ripper - and even ponder your own death...


Find out about Cambridge's very own Vampire, who Mary I burnt in the Market Square and why you may have a skeleton in your closet. Miss Mary grew up with the stories and legends of the Fenland countryside, but is a real expert in the hangings of Cambridge - she'll explain why!


This tour contains all the most horrible history of Cambridge that we can cram in - guts, gore and ghouls - told in a theatrical way by our very own Victorian master story-teller.

Miss Mary Reader may even ask for your help... just don't mention her sister...



This is our THEATRICAL tour - Gothic costumes, tricks & audience participation! Lots of Gallows humour (literally). Think The London Dungeon meets Blackadder. This is the tour most suitable for children. No-one jumps out on this tour, a fact you'll be thankful for .... as you'll be standing on top of thousands of bodies...




Adults - £10

Under 16s - £5

Concessions - (OAPS & Full Time Students) - £5


Tour Tickets booked online in advance have a £1 discount.

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Discover what really lies beneath the streets...



& Mary Reader's dark secrets...