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By Black Shuck Cambridge Ghost Tours, Apr 6 2015 11:31AM

A great deal of the material of our tours (especially our Witchcraft tour) comes from the myths and legends of the fenland, the ancient countryside surrounding Cambridge. What always amazes is how far into the present day these myths and superstitions pervade. The last known 'pricking' (an East Anglian torture designed to test who is a witch) was in 1808. Many of the superstitions of the area were recorded well into the 20th century - and may still be there still! You can find out which on our Witchcraft tours, but here is an amazing insight into the belief of Black Shuck in the 1960s. Shuck himself was last 'officially' reported in Cambridge itself in the 1970s... but others more recently have mentioned potential modern sightings to us...

By Black Shuck Cambridge Ghost Tours, Mar 7 2015 06:44PM

One of our team members in the photo spent over 10 years living as a Victorian (not 24/7 however!) She worked in a West London stately home which was once the 19th century country retreat of the Rothschild family and interpreted the servants of the year 1891, the year the house had electric lights fitted.

We are delighted to be reeling her back to the Victorian age yet again, as we (after many disputes and discussions!) decided to introduce a brand new character to her 19th world. In 1850 Miss Mary Reeder was hanged in Cambridge, alongside her brother-in-law for the murder of Miss Reeder's sister. What happened? Well, you'll have to come to our Colleges and Corpses tour to find out - as the tour will be taken by Miss Mary Reeder herself, Cambridge's very own murderess, and she'll only be too glad to tell her story...!

By guest, Mar 29 2014 05:23PM

Cambridge Ghost Tours are delighted to be returning bigger, better - and badder than ever for 2015.

2014 saw us bring a unique Ghost Tour to Cambridge - no costumes, no gimmicks and no jaded student tour guides. We started from scratch with the tales, urban legends escalate quickly, but we were eager to find out any truth behind these ghostly stories that are often told in Cambridge. In our historical research we discovered many facts grounding the ghoulish tales in reality and real contemporary reports of hauntings in the present day. Likewise, many were just myths and had become confused with other stories in Cambridgeshire. Going back to basics has allowed us to sort the wheat from the chaff and plan our tour around Cambridge's REAL haunted sites.

Then we have taken it a step further - member of our team are experienced in the paranormal and soon realised one particular spot was very active with supernatural energy. We began a small ghost investigation on the tour, and even had pro ghost hunters down there to check it out. So for 2015 - our Ghost Tour is now our 'Haunted Cambridge Tour' - and is one of the only Ghost Tours in the Uk to include real Ghost Hunting and equipment!

Halloween 2014 saw us experiment with a new tour - Witchcraft in Cambridge. This was so successful, we have refined it and now are offering it as a regular tour - 'Wickedness & Witchcraft', which explodes the myth that all Witches are Wicked! We are proud to announce this is the only dedicated Witchcraft Tour in the UK!

But we still haven't finished - our research was constantly throwing up ghoulish and gory stories which were not ghosts or magic related. So our Colleges & Corpses tour was born, and exploits our team members skills as professional actors and theatre makers. This tour is unique in Cambridge!

Coupled with an amazing secret event planned for Halloween - and private tours a plenty throughout the year - we are excited for 2015. See you on April 3rd for our first public tour of the season!

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