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Wickedness & Witchcraft!

By Black Shuck Cambridge Ghost Tours, Apr 23 2016 02:33PM

We're celebrating one year of running our 'Wickedness & Witchcraft' Tour - with half price tickets on Saturday May 7th & Friday 27th May.

This is the only dedicated Witchcraft and Magic tour in the UK - why should Ghosts have all the fun? We were inspired to create this tour because of the hidden Occult connections at Cambridge University, and especially it being the home of the very first magical rituals of the infamous Aleister Crowley (The so-called 'Wickedest Man in the World' - and the 'wicked' part of our tour!). If you've heard of Crowley this tour is a must-do as you'll discover the secret rooms just above the shoppers of Cambridge where Crowley first picked up a book on the Occult and dived head first into his controversial 'Magickal' career. Of course, if you have yet to discover Crowley - you'll find out just what makes him so infamous and at the same time inspirational to all modern counter-cultures and the fore-runner of the 'Swinging Sixties' - and just where Crowley had his first supernatural experience in Cambridge...

We also feature the hidden magical secrets of Isaac Newton, how the origins of 'Dumbledore' start in Cambridge and where those accused of local Witchcraft were ducked and tortured right here in the town. We'll also teach you how to cast the most famous spell of Cambridgeshire, the local legends of protecting yourself against Fenland curses and Witches and - if you dare - a taste of casting real magic yourself! Under the shade of trees by the River Cam you'll find yourself part of a candlelit circle in the moonlight to end the tour... There you'll discover not all witches are wickedness and how modern Witchcraft is one of the world's fastest growing religions. You may be inspired to try a spell or two when you're back home!

The tour is led by a guide experienced in magic and modern day Witchcraft, as well as a specialist in Early Modern Women's History. She'll lead your trail and let you see the the main streets of Cambridge and its colleges in a whole new light as well as discovering the secrets of the famous Cambridge river 'Backs'.

'Wickedness & Witchcraft' is our most popular tour for private bookings, particularly with academic groups, students - and with the Occult and Pagan communities! Aleister Crowley obsessives have travelled from all across the globe to come on the tour as a pilgrimage to the sites of his first forays into the 'Magickal' life. Da Vinci Code and Harry Potter fans also find plenty of connections in Cambridge with their favourite books.

We'll be celebrating the unique nature of this tour all through May - with our special ticket offer and blogs on the subject of Witchcraft and Magic - in Cambridge or otherwise!

Did you know there is a 'Cambridge Book of Magic'? Gonville and Caius have a book on Tudor Necromancy in their library! We'll be featuring it in one of our blogs over May...

May 10 2016 08:24PM by Francis Young

The 'Cambridge Book of Magic' is in the University Library, not Gonville & Caius Library, although Caius has a copy of the Key of Solomon once owned by Dr Caius. There is a post by me about the Cambridge Book of Magic (which I translated) on the University Library's blog:

May 10 2016 09:52PM by Natasha

Fantastic - thanks for the clarification, I think a few other mentions of the book over the good old Internet have also got confused too! What an amazing text to have worked on! Many thanks for the link too.

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