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Whether you are a confirmed cynic or a big believer in the supernatural - our Black Shuck Cambridge Ghost Tours team are here to take you on thrilling tours and exciting experiences to show a darker side to the ancient City of Cambridge.


Established in 2014, we are a small team of theatre professionals with history backgrounds and a genuine love for ghosts, gore and the occult. Each of us grew up, or have a connection to Cambridge and created our alternative guided walks to explore the fenland folklore we grew up with alongside the macabre secrets of both Town and Gown. Our tours indluge our passions of ghost-hunting, Magickal practice, Tarot and the 'unknown'.


All our team still work in professional theatre and performance. The team all met working on shows in London and were involved in running a theatre company producing edgy productions of lesser known 17th century plays.


We have a core team who you will meet on our public tours, but we also employ other professional performers to join us on projects. Although we will always provide public tours of the dark side of Cambridge, we will also be expanding to create theatrical experiences and special events. We often create bespoke events for companies in London, and will be providing this service in Cambridgeshire.


You'll see members of our team on stage and screen, and experience their work in top UK museums, attractions and theatre companies. Team members have created ghoulish shows and scripts for performers at The London Dungeon, The York Dungeon, The Edinburgh Dungeon, Madame Tussauds' Chamber of Horrors, London King's Cross Station Festivals, Gideon Reeling Theatre Company, The National Trust, The Southwark Playhouse, Battersea Arts Centre, The Edinburgh Festival, The Albany Theatre Deptford, Gunnersbury Park Museum, Cambridge Cherry Hinton Festival and many more...


But most important of all - We are all believers... Are you?





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Who we are...



Fenella is our main guide as well as our in-house Tarot card reader. Just like her name suggests, she is a 'Fen' girl through and through, having grown up in the Cambridgeshire countryside. Her childhood was filled with the local legends of the Fens & had her first major experience with the paranormal when as a young child she felt a presence on a walk on Wicken Fen - without knowing it was a stalking place for spirits and Black Shuck himself! She also grew up with her childhood bedroom overlooking a Crematorium...


  Her first Tarot Cards were given to her by her father, who had an interest in the Occult (and a bookshelf filled with mystical books) and set her off on a path to the paranormal. She was taught Tarot, Astrology, Witchcraft  and Pagan Practice by a Witch and High Priestess of a Coven. Before guiding for us, Fenella worked at the London Dungeon, Madame Tussauds' Chamber of Horrors, led Ghost and Jack The Ripper Walks in London & worked in a Haunted Museum in West London. She also trained and worked as a professional actor. She has been a professional Tarot Reader for over ten years.


Fenella is also available for Tarot readings and talks/interviews on Witchcraft and the Paranormal.

[email protected]

Tom is our professional Actor and you are just as likely to see him on screen or stage as on one of our tours! Although he admits to being 'a bit scared' around ghosts, he is also very sensitive to the supernatural.

Many of his stage roles have had a supernatural or horror element, including playing the 'Dog' (a demon) in the Jacobean play, The Witch of Edmonton. Tom also recently the Brad Pitt role in the stage premiere  of the film 'Se7en' for the Secret Theatre Company, London. Look out for him currently in luxury brand adverts, voiceovers, London stage shows - and on our theatrical tours and events! You can also listen to his voiceover work on our downloads page.


Tom is also our Occult expert - with an interest in Magick, Aleister Crowley (who features on our Wickedness & Witchcraft Tour) and the drinking clubs of Trinity College...

Natasha is the 'unseen' side of our team, dealing with our admin, website, bookings and creative content. Working in professional theatre for a number of decades, she found herself drawn to the dark side - creating shows for the London and York Dungeons, installing a Horror Maze attraction based on Serial Killers in Madame Tussaud's infamous Chamber of Horrors, as well as curating and performing Burlesque.


Natasha also works as a professional theatre director and writer, having directed many shows, working for major theatre companies and creating immersive performances for historical sites and museums. She writes and co-creates all our material.


Natasha & Fenella both studied History at King's College London, so rest assured all our material is as historically accurate as we can make it!




Make Contact with us




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More Guides coming soon... if you have what it takes to work with us - we want to hear from you!

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